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KENSINGTON Commercial Properties opens head office in Spain

KENSINGTON Commercial Properties, the commercial and investment property division of the KENSINGTON Group, now also has a head office in Barcelona.

With immediate effect, Marc Céspedes, as Managing Director of KENSINGTON Commercial Properties España S.L., is responsible for the operational business on the Spanish mainland. Marc Céspedes, 35 years old, has been active in the real estate industry in various functions since the age of 17. For the last 6 years, he has been working in leading positions for one of the market leaders in Spain, where he was responsible for the retail and office space sector, as well as residential investment properties, among others.

“It was the logical next step for me in my professional career. The fact that I have been given the opportunity to become a partner of such a renowned brand as KENSINGTON makes me all the more happy,” says Marc Céspedes, explaining his move into self-employment. “Despite the current market circumstances, the demand for investment properties, especially in the metropolitan regions in Spain, remains at a high level. Here, it is particularly important to bring owners and investors in line in terms of price,” describes Céspedes the current challenges. In addition to Barcelona, further locations in Spain are planned for the coming years.

Marc Céspedes – Managing Partner of KENSINGTON Commercial Properties España S.L.

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